Resolving Your Workers' Compensation Concerns

At the Binghamton law firm of Troy & Eaton, LLP, we understand that today may be one of the most difficult days of your life. You may be in physical pain. You may be worried about how to put groceries on the table for your family. You may be confused about how to navigate the New York workers' compensation system to get the benefits you need.

Let us take the stress off your shoulders. From helping you file the initial paperwork to negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, our lawyers will handle the details for you.

We are ready and able to answer your questions and assist you with a wide array of workers' compensation issues, including:

  • Dealing with a physical injury - You may have a visible injury to an extremity, such as a broken arm or leg, or you may have an unseen injury, such as a herniated disk in your back.
  • Negotiating a settlement - Our lawyers have in-depth experience negotiating settlements that provide maximum benefits.
  • Understanding the available benefits - You may qualify for various benefits, depending on your particular situation. In New York each case has two main parts: wage replacement and medical benefits. We strive to maximize your benefits in both of these areas.
  • Addressing work-related toxic exposure - You may have been exposed to a toxic substance such as mold, hazardous chemicals or asbestos, or you may have encountered a virus such as HIV or Hepatitis B.

Learn more about how the attorneys at Troy & Eaton, LLP, can make a difference for you. Call us at 607-296-0517 or email our office to schedule a free consultation.