Frequently Asked Questions

"My doctor says he doesn't have the form I need. What should I do?"

One common tactic that insurance companies like to use is to force doctors to fill out very specific forms. At our law firm, we frequently get calls about this issue. We can direct you to the exact forms that your physician needs to fill out.

"Can I get money for the miles I drive to and from medical appointments?"

Yes, you can seek reimbursement for mileage and transportation. You will need to fill out Form C-257, making sure to include specific details about your appointments. Our attorneys can advise you about how to accurately complete this form.

"Why isn't the insurance company paying for my medications?"

In most cases, you can seek reimbursement for prescription medications by submitting Form C-257. If you aren't being repaid by the insurance company, it may be because you failed to provide receipts, failed to provide the pharmacy printout or omitted other information. Let us review your particular situation and advise you accordingly.

"Do I have to look for another job right away?"

That depends on whether you are considered 100 percent disabled or not. If you are found to be less than 100 percent disabled and/or your employer can not accommodate your work restrictions, you are required by law to look for a job. Learn more by downloading our job search information sheet.

"If I start working again, do I need to tell anyone?"

Yes, if you return to work (either at your former company or at a new one), you should let our law firm know right away. The same is true if you become self-employed or begin volunteering at an organization. We will notify the New York Workers' Compensation Board and the insurance company so that you won't be accused of fraud.

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