Additional Cash Benefits For Injuries To Extremities

Some job-related accidents, illnesses and chemical exposures can lead to permanent physical damage. If you lost a hand, your face was severely burned, you suffered partial vision loss or you ended up with nerve damage in your legs, you may be eligible for an additional cash award called a "schedule loss of use" (SLU) award.

This award is extra money paid to you over a number of weeks in addition to your normal workers' compensation benefits. It is intended to compensate for the fact that an important body part (usually an extremity) will never again function the way it used to function.

At Troy & Eaton, LLP, we are highly experienced in workers' compensation cases involving injuries to extremities and other body parts. Our Binghamton lawyers can advocate for maximum benefits for you — including a potential SLU award — if you suffered a work-related injury affecting your:

  • Shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand or finger
  • Hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot or toe
  • Face, neck or scalp
  • Vision or hearing

SLU Awards Can Add Up To A Significant Amount

The amount you receive for an SLU award will depend on how many weeks of compensation New York law allows, which body part was injured and how severely it was affected.

If you suffered a permanent injury to your leg, for instance, the law allows up to 288 weeks of payments. However, your doctor will also need to determine what percentage of your leg's usage was lost. If you lost 50 percent usage, you can receive 50 percent of 288 weeks, which equals 144 weeks of payment.

Workers' compensation typically provides two-thirds of your normal weekly wage, so if you earned $500 a week before the accident, your rate after the accident would be $333 a week. All this means that your estimated SLU award would likely be $333 a week for 144 weeks, which is more than $47,900.

We Will Pursue The Full Amount Available To You

If your doctor disagrees with the insurance company's doctor, you encounter other problems or you simply need a guiding hand through the process, contact our attorneys. We exclusively represent injured employees like you, and we have extensive experience with workers' compensation hearings and related matters.

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